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THC and CBD are the two primary compounds that make cannabis popular. Another compound, cannabigerol (CBG), has become the interest of the scientist. CBG is not psychoactive, and it is mostly found on the strains with low THC or those with high CBD. Current research shows that CBG is the precursor for the action of many of cannabinoids.

It is vital to note that CBG and CBD are two different things. They tend to have some differences and similarities. First, both of them will not make you high. On the brain, they are going to work on the same receptor. However, it is a massive difference in the benefits that the two compounds bring to the body. There is little research on the CBG, but for the CBD, the research is decent.

The current research shows that CBG is very beneficial. The most notable benefits are the reduction of inflammation. CBG play a considerable role in the treatment of glaucoma. It is going to reduce the intraocular pressure. CBG has shown promising results in the treatment of bladder dysfunction.

Therefore the compound can help the people who are suffering from Huntington’s disease. The cannabidiol will reduce the growth of the tumor and cancer. People who are struggling with the problem of loss of appetite because of conditions such as cancer and HIV, CBG can help you improve the condition.

Does CBG has any side effects? The effects are minimal. Rats under investigation tolerated this compound. More research is being done to determine whether there could be any adverse effect of the compounds on the human.

Ensure that you consult a doctor when you are taking the CBG. some medications can interact with this cannabinoid. The health provider is going to guide you on the effects of the CBG with the current medications that you are taking. If you are taking medications for cholesterol, cancer, blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, and prostate, you should avoid taking the CBG. This is because the CBG is going to affect the way the body metabolizes these medications.

CBG being a new product under research, and therefore it is hard to find this product on the market. There is, however, some dealers who are offering the product on the market. You can conveniently order the product on the web. It is vital to note that the FDA does not regulate the CBG. You should therefore research to make sure that you are getting it from a reputable dealer; this will therefore assure you that you are getting a very high-quality product.

You should consider checking the third-party testing. You should confirm that the third party testing was done by a laboratory that conducts its activity independently. Read the report of the product on the website of the dealer.

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