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All You Need To Know About Post Construction Cleaning

Many people have resorted to doing house renovations this season. Some of the reasons for seeking a house renovation include old kitchen appliances and outdated bathroom tiles. In order to enjoy many of the benefits from the home renovations, post-construction cleaning has to be done. Post construction cleaning is the cleaning done to your newly improved house. In such a cleaning, a lot of work must be put in . One must; therefore, be conscious of their health meaning that people who have respiratory issues such as asthma should be wary. Masks and gloves, as well as other protective clothing, should be used by such people to prevent accidents from occurring.

The opening of all windows should be done when starting the cleaning. Just the simple act of opening the windows can make the cleaning process a lot less cumbersome. Whatever season it may be, the people involved in the cleaning should be careful to allow airflow into the house. Airflow will reduce the strength of the cleaning solutions and chemicals as well as reduce the overall amount of dust in the house. The free flow of air in the house will also reduce the smells brought about by plasterwork and woodwork.

After allowing sufficient airflow, sweeping should be done next. When sweeping, dust particles are usually displaced and float in the air to land on the various house surfaces. Dusting before having done a careful sweep will be an effort in futility since sweeping will then cause a resettling of the dust on the already dusted surface thus warranting a re-dusting to be done. Logic, therefore, instructs that sweeping be done before dusting. Old rags are less efficient to use than when one decides to clean using microfiber cloths to dust. After wiping down, one should then leave the room to enable the dust particles to settle down.

Vacuuming on the carpet should be started after around ten minutes of waiting for the dust to settle. Carpets tend to have an increased amount of dust particles due to their fibers which contain static and can attract the dust particles. A low speed should be set on the vacuum cleaner to ensure it collects as much dust as possible as opposed to setting it at a high speed and missing large amounts of dust.

In order to be completely sure, one should wipe down the surfaces again and also vacuum once more. All this sounds like a lot of work to be done in a short span of time and although it just might be a lot to handle, it will ultimately lead to a relaxed atmosphere in your new improved home.

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